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    Mice Removal

    Mice are the most common pest problem in Ontario. Every species of rodent is unique in terms of instinctive behaviour. What works for one species may not work at all for another. The first step is to make sure you have accurately identified the pest. You may know already that you have mice. If not, our knowledgeable operators at St Catharines Pest Control Services can identify your pest in minutes, right over the phone (1-888-390-7378) or this article will help you better understand your issue. Although rodents may not be a threat to our everyday health their potential to transmit disease is very real and in some cases may even be fatal. Long term pest control should include modifying the exterior of your home and property to make it impossible for rodents to get in as well as taking steps to make the landscaping immediately around your house or building less attractive to rodents.


    How does St. Catharines Pest Control Services control mice?

    It starts with a phone call. Our expert operators will make sure that the pest is accurately identified. A technician will then come out to your property, do an inspection and then place bait stations in locked bait boxes throughout your home to control the indoor mice. The technician will then detail for you all possible entry points on the outside of your home or building. The technician will also explain the easiest way to seal the various entry points and he will make suggestions to make your property less attractive to mice. If you are not interested in sealing the exterior yourself, St Catharines Pest Control Services can also do all exterior exclusion work. We are a full service company.

    How do I know if I have mice?

    The most obvious way to know if you have mice is to see one however mice are nocturnal (come out most often at night) and elusive so you may not ever see one. It is more common to see their droppings behind furniture and in cupboards. Their droppings look approximately like a black grain of rice. They are about 4-7mm long. You may occasionally hear them scratching at night in the walls or in the attic however you will not actually hear mice running in the attic. Your attic is full of insulation and mice are light enough that they will run on top of the insulation in the attic. If you hear something running around in your attic and it sounds heavy it is most likely a squirrel or raccoon. In Ontario rats donít climb well so you will rarely have a rat up in the attic. Rats are only at ground level and in basements.

    Which repellants are effective?

    The short answer is none. Sonic gizmos that plug into the wall have no effect on mice. Unfortunately there are no laws regarding claims made by companies for these types of devices. Chemical repellants are also largely ineffective. Most repellants contain capsaicin which is the active ingredient in spicy foods. It is the chemical that makes foods hot. Unfortunately most wildlife seems to be not as sensitive as we are. At very high concentrations it may stop an animal if it is sprayed directly on them like pepper spray but sprinkled around in a cupboard or attic is not a deterrent.

    Is it possible that mice will come upstairs into my bedroom?

    Although mice are excellent climbers and could easily come into your bedroom they are terrified of people and will try to remain as far away from you as possible. Also there is no food or water in bedrooms so they have no reason to venture to your bedroom. It's certainly not impossible but it is unlikely.

    Do mice only come into buildings during the winter?

    Mice are always seeking shelter, water and food. Even during the summer your house is more comfortable than living in the backyard. Mice enter buildings about twice as often during the winter but they will enter at any time of the year.



    The most common mouse to be found in your house is the House Mouse. House mice have evolved to live with humans and donít survive well away from us. Deer mice are another species that occasionally get in your house. They can be distinguished from House mice by the size of their eyes and ears which are somewhat larger. Deer mice also have a distinctly white underbelly while house mouse's belly is only a little lighter in colour. House mice are about 110-180 mm in length including their tail (4-7 inches).


    Mice are curious and easily accept new things. They will scour their entire territory every night searching for food. New objects found in their territory are investigated. New foods are tasted. If a plentiful food supply is found close to their den site mice may only venture a few feet. Mice learn the contours of the surrounding walls and can navigate easily in total blackness by memory. They know precisely when the wall will turn. They also use their whiskers to tap along in much the same way as a blind person uses a cane. Mice have excellent hearing and sense of smell and can follow their own scent trails. They do not rely on eyesight a lot however they are able to perceive movement up to about 30 feet away.

    Life cycle

    Mice live about 12 months and reproduce year round if food and shelter are available. Mice produce 4-6 litters per year of 4-8 pups. Female pups are sexually mature at 3 months of age. Populations will grow at an exponential rate if ample food and harbourage exist.

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